Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Ghost(Rider) of Halloween's Past!

The Halloween season is now firmly behind us and we're heading into the realms of other holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Regardless, reflecting on Halloween is a lot of fun.  This year I had to work on a budget, but still managed a fairly cool costume, Marvel's spirit of vengeance...the Ghost Rider!   Using a skeleton mask found in a dollar bin, I combined it with a leather jacket I had owned since I was 15, glow in the dark skeleton gloves, and black boots.  Of course the look would now be complete with out that crown of flames.  My VERY crafty wife cut colored cloth into the proper shapes, then glued it onto cardboard.  It ended up looking pretty cool, as you can see below.

That's me standing next to my good friend Angie as the Bride of Frankenstein and my wife Jamie as a very shapely "spider-woman."  Not bad for a costume on the cheap.  So what did you do for Halloween?

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