Monday, November 11, 2013

Castle of Horror Podcast and the Wolfman(1941)

For those of you who have followed my career the last few years, you'll no doubt  know the "Castle Dracula Podcast."  We've recently rebranded ourselves the "Castle of Horror" Podcast.  Tonight we start digging into a subject near and dear to my heart, werewolves. 

While I love vampires,mummies,zombies, killer robots, slashers, ghosts, and ghouls....werewolves are simply the coolest monster.  And the Wolf Man(1941) is a big reason that I love werewolves and horror movies in general.  It really sparked my imagination as a child, in fact the Wolf Man was one of my first Halloween costumes.  With that in mind,keep your silver bullets handy and tune in tonight, as we kick off our "Werewolf Retrospective!"

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