Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Favorite Movie Werewolf Designs.

Werewolves have been on my mind due to our current retrospective at the Castle of Horror podcast.  I have very specific likes and dislikes about what makes for a cool looking werewolf.  So with that in mind, I thought I'd make a list to share with ya'll. 

1) The Wolfman(2010)

Rick Baker is something of a werewolf guru, having also created the title creature for "American Werewolf in London."  In the 90's he made an animal out of Jack Nicholson for "Wolf."  Both of those movies are pretty cool in their own rights.  But my personal favorite is his update of the Wolf Man for the 2010 remake.  It is classic yet modern,allowing us to see just enough of the man beneath the beast.  He won best make-up effects at the 2011 Oscars and he deserved it in my book.

2)Monster Squad(1987)

Stan Winston Studios updated all of the classic monsters for this 80's horror comedy.  And the werewolf here was my gold standard for many years.  It's easy to see why, he's fearsomely bestial yet retaining enough humanity to be believable character.  Plus, he has nards. 

3) Curse of the Werewolf(1961)

Roy Ashton's killer make-up as worn by Oliver Reed.  Still extremely scary years later.  I often think of this bad boy is the first modern werewolf.  I love how much you can see of Reed's face, makes for a nice chilling effect.

Werewolf of London(1935)

I'm sure most of you were expecting me to say the original Wolf Man.  While, I do have much love in my heart for Jack Pierce's more famous werewolf, I feel this guy is kind of underrated.  Unfairly called the "Elvis Werewolf" by generations of horror fans,  I think he has sort of creepy "Jack the Ripper" vibe.  Stalking the London fog in his hat and scarf, there is an odd realism to this werewolf.  Very effective.  It's a make-up that deserves a little more respect from horror fiends. 

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