Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Halloween Man # 5

Alright, you wanted it, you got it! The new issue of Halloween Man is here!

Do you dare to enter the Burlesque Theater of Blood? A brand new tale by regular artist Sergio Calvet, features Lucy and Morlack teaming up to stop a deadly troupe of curvy cannibals! Who will survive? What will be left of them? And how much clothing will they be wearing? Find out this issue!

Also, because YOU demanded it, the origin of Halloween Man! Superstar artists Nicola Scott (Earth 2) and David Baldeon (Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol) bring you a look at how it all began!

Finally, we dig up the cult-classic "Blood God of Virtual Beach." Penciled by Benjamin Hall (Dead@17) this killer story of sun, surfing and fish monsters will rock your socks off. All this and more, this issue of Halloween Man! Tell your friends,spread the word, and above all READ THIS COMIC!

Comic Monsters Interview

New interview where I discuss "Terrible Fruit Bats" and our giant sized Halloween Special!