Tuesday, May 17, 2016

RIP Darwyn Cooke!

Since, everyone is talking about Darwyn Cooke, I thought I'd chime in as well. Not because it's needed or because I feel like I have the smartest things to say, but because I want to. I'm posting this piece of New Frontier art, which is my all time favorite saga of DC's iconic characters.

 The art is amazing. It has what are probably my all time favorite designs for Wonder Woman and Superman. But even the minor characters spark with personality. However, people don't talk about the writing on this piece nearly enough though. There's some really strong stuff here. Which is even more impressive since Cooke is wearing both hats, but showing equal skill at both. Cooke infuses all of characters with great dialogue, which feels both period accurate and . real. He's able to infuse a lot of political ideas while keeping the story from falling into blind cynicism. Oh, and there's alien dinosaurs as well. It's pretty much awesome from start to finish. It's one of the comics that I keep going back too and it always makes me want to make more comics. It's one of the comics that sets a high bench mark and makes me want to do better. I'm sure a lot of us in this crazy business, feel the same. I think I'll re-read it this afternoon.

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