Thursday, February 19, 2015

Quick Question

Question for the fans: We're two specials and nine regular issues, so what are you enjoying about the current series? What would you like to see more of?  What kind of stories would intrigue you? Which characters would you like to see featured more? Which stories have you enjoyed the most? The least?  We want to grow but we need your feedback to do that.  Every fan counts and so does your opinion!


  1. I have to chime in here: The "Eye of the Beholder" two-parter was MAGNIFICENT.

    Drew, speaking as a writer(and an unpublished one at that, but I'm working on it), you hit a topical grand-slam home run, in my opinion, when it came to Lucy Chaplain's acceptance of what happened to her during the storyline.

    It was your clear intention to bring up the topic of body image in the comic genre, and you did a great job of establishing it as a permanent aspect of the character rather than going for the tired old "restoration" thing.

    Lucy looks a lot better as a plus-sized character, too, and I love that Halloween Man reminded her of this during the storyline.

    Seriously wonderful stuff. :)

  2. Wow! What kind words! Because of the popular of the new Lucy, we're actually working on a special specifically starring her for 2016.

    1. Niiice!

      The motif is inspiring ideas for my own writings, too.

      Because let's face it...there's gotta be more to love more often! :)

    2. We're very glad to be inspiring. Best of luck in your own writing adventures.

      We're putting together a crack team of BBW cheesecake artists to make sure Lucy is looking good for her solo adventure. In the mean time, there is a lot of cool stuff coming out over the summer to tide you over.

  3. I do have a suggestion for a storyline, about following up on the Moreau plotline from the Eye of the Beholder story as an excuse to do a two-parter that has human Solar City residents becoming anthro animals, courtesy of another Moreau relative?

    I bet Lucy Chaplain would make a hell of a cow-girl. ;)

  4. Well, no plans for Moreau cousins, but Olympia might make a come back if enough people ask for it. However, I would expect her experiments might take on a nastier, more murderous, turn if she did.