Monday, December 2, 2013

Dark of the Forest!

While "Halloween Man" is my brainchild, a comic is only as good as it's whole creative team.  Over the years it has been my honor and  privilege to work with my creative soul brothers Russell Hillman and Sergio Calvet.  Two of the most steadfast and talented guys you will ever meet. 

Well, they have teamed-up for a rip roaring and rampaging Bigfoot comic called "Dark of the Forest."  It's everything you'd want out of an early 80's monster movie, complete with gobs of nudity and gore. It has bits of  "the Howling" and "Friday the 13th" in. And by that I mean the choice bits.  There isn't an ounce of fat on this bad boy.

 Like a good creature feature, it's doesn't over stay it's welcome either.  This is a lean,mean, killing machine and well worth a look.Now if this blog has interested you, you should check out this interview with Russell. After that you should try to get your hands on a copy of this comic!

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